Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Bright Future Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization that strives to bring more attention to domestic violence and make the lives of survivors better. We understand how difficult life is for abused individuals; the consequences of violence are far-reaching and impactful. This is why we provide them with our support and educate others about this important matter.

Our Mission

The mission of Bright Future Foundation of America is to encourage survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and empower their lives through beauty, health, and fitness education.

Our Vision

Our goal is to promote nonviolence through our Day of Beauty events at domestic violence shelters and all public schools.

Our Pledge

“I pledge to be nonviolent, respect my body, and the earth.”

We offer our big thanks to KUSI Television for helping us produce our PSA, which features San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, former San Diego Charger/NFL star Martin Bayless, and all supporters of nonviolence.

Our Song

Local Musician Mike McGill wrote a song about BFF Pledge after attending one of our Day of Beauty events. The song is called iPledge.

Become a Member!

Join Bright Future Foundation of America and become a member today! We need your help to expand our work and launch Project NVP - Nonviolence Begins With Me at public schools.

If you’re wondering where to volunteer or need community hours with a deadline, we’re here to assist you as well. Sign up below and tell us your story. We’ll respond to your messages as soon as possible.

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